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Mental Health Awareness

To create a community that empowers and elevates mental health prosperity; a community of “Bandits”.



Band2gthr provides a community of Bandits and network of support, there to help empower mental health prosperity.  This online community provides support to uplift, challenges to inspire, and tribes to unite. Band2Gthr helps both those suffering from depression and those supporting victims know they are not alone.


External Problem

People are dying from the silent killer that is depression and lack the resources, communities to go to for help.


Internal Problem

People want to feel empowered and have fulfillment.


Philosophical Problem

Depression shouldn’t have a stigma around it and people should be comfortable sharing, joining, and elevating themselves through a community.

To create a community that empowers and elevates mental health prosperity; a community of “Bandits”.
why us

At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.

- Steve Maraboli
The world is full of chaos, uncertainty, and more. People are in need of love, positivity, and mental health prosperity. What can you do today to live a life without regrets? Is it reaching out to someone in need? Is it admitting you yourself need help? What is it you can do? Band2Gthr aims to create a community of Bandits, banded in a common cause to remove the stigma of depression and mental health, and provide challenges for all of us to uplift our world.
Your challenge is to join this community of Bandits (provide site and social handles), sign up for its newsletter, and start your journey as one who is empowering the world by utilizing the social frame provided herein.
Bandit: Today, find 1 person who is in need of help and perform an act of service, post and tag it with #band2gthr, and share with them this virtual "Band2Gthr" ring."
Image by Pete Nowicki

Why Band2Gthr

Chances are pretty good you, or someone you know has suffered from depression. Maybe you’re suffering right now.  Did you know:

  • Depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States among people age 15-44;

  • Two out of three people with depression do not actively seek nor receive proper treatment;

  • One in Five Americans will be impacted by mental illness during their lifetimes;

  • We lose about as many people to suicide each year as we do to breast cancer;

Maybe you don’t know what’s wrong with your teenager and you’re worried but unsure how to ask.



Christian was looking for fulfillment, meaning, and wanted to be the husband and father he knew he needed to be. 



Jordan was a world leader in his field, but lacked desire, passion, and energy to be the husband, father, and individual he needed to be; burnout took over. 


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