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Our Story

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My journey to this company, desire to grow a tribe really stems from a deep-seated desire to help many not reach a point I did.


Almost 4 years ago I had this idea in the world of data and analytics, a small idea to empower people who didn't want to be a nerd such as me (and I say nerd with absolute pride) become comfortable with data...not possessing backgrounds in math, computer science, statistics, and so forth.  Little did I know, this idea would lead me to the brink of deep depression and burnout.

 This idea I built grew to something so big, I never would have imagined it, and now I am seen as a pioneer, the Godfather of, and one of, if not the world's leading expert in this field.  It has taken me around the world, visiting places that would hit a lot of people's bucket lists.

I have spoken to some of the biggest companies from around the globe. I get to speak at events and conferences, appear on podcasts and webinars and have been invited to write a book. 


Along the way, I have worked hard to ensure I am home with my family, working to be a good husband and father, and tried to fulfill religious and other duties...not to mention my love of the mountains and fitness.  Then, in January of 2019, I noticed some feelings of anxiety on a business trip to Spain, although I am guessing they were coming before then.


I started to see my motivation for wanting to do activities with the family, waning.  I started to see my desire to workout and run the mountains in Utah fading quickly. I started to lose my temper more, I started to lose my love of data and analytics, getting to the point of hating my job.  Overall, the signs and symptoms of burnout were massive, but that isn't all that happened. The clinical burnout had led me to depression, even suicidal thoughts. 


My purpose and joy of transformation are to help remove the stigma of depression and anxiety.  I want to share with everyone that burnout and depression can happen to the world's leaders, business leaders, sports stars, and so forth.   Here I was at the top of my field in the world, but miserable. It has been a hard journey back and if I can create a company and tribe that helps remove the stigma of mental health for men, bring people together to discuss and uplift, and help raise people's mental health prosperity, I am in.

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